Pi por Radio_005: Experiences in hotel development

Pi por Radio_005: Experiences in hotel development

Pi por Radio_005: Experiences in hotel development 1920 1320 The Innova Room

Today we share two very different experiences of hotel development in the program nº005 of “Pi by Radio” (broadcast on 04/07/2016): boutique hotels in the best locations in the cities, and an independent hotel in a pre-Andean region, which it tries to combine hotel development with respect for the great landcaping value of the area.

In the first part we have the audio of the interview with Georgina Adrogué, Director of New Projects at Fën Hotels, about their development plans and projects in the region. Fën Hoteles (cover image) offers comprehensive franchise and hotel management services. It operates under the Dazzler Hotels and Esplendor Hotels Boutique brands, and has more than 30 managed hotels and an international presence in 16 cities in Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Costa Rica and the United States.

Georgina spoke about how the grounds can communicate sensations, which can ultimately shape a future guest experience. Despite all the rigorous work of Due Diligence, planning and development, it is nice to discover that Fën owes its name to the Mapuche word for “seed”. Business and emotion are not mutually exclusive.

For now, Fën’s plans include expansion in various countries in the region, with the exception of Brazil, which is not going through its best moment. Its hotels are characterized by very central locations, the prime areas of the cities, and by careful design.


Environmentally friendly development


In the second part (from minute 33) we have the presence of Lucy Vilte, Manager and Owner of Hostal Posta de Purmamarca. Her innovative sustainable approach has been her priority in her decision making. Hostal Posta de Purmamarma is a certified Ecohotel that has been promoting the principles of sustainable tourism for more than 10 years.

The innovative vocation related to caring for the environment is independent of the industry and the size of the business. Together with Lucy Vilte, we discovered how she started in the world of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) more than 15 years ago, with her first practices of respect for diversity in this multi-award-winning project.

For example, she created the first breakfasts in the area for people with special dietary needs such as celiacs, diabetics or hypertensives. And she adapted all of her informational materials and letters into Braille. Both initiatives were novel for a hotel located in the remote town of Purmamarca, Jujuy province (Argentina). Not surprisingly, the name of the city comes from the Aimara and means “town of the Virgin Land”.


To these proposals aimed at caring for and attracting a greater number of potential customers, an initiative was added to replace the “small bottles” of the amenities with refillable dispensers. This, which is very common in northern European countries, could be perceived negatively in other markets by a customer accustomed to “throwing away” (as if the initiative were the result of a savings plan). Considering the remote location of the hotel, the benefits of a lower production of non-degradable waste are evident (not counting the CO2 savings due to the reduction in the transport of materials and waste).

Lucy compensated for the change in packaging by seeking instead the best cosmetic products available. She chose for her guests a brand used in high-level professional hairdressers. In conclusion, the clients were satisfied, the costs were aligned with the sustainability of the business, and they contributed to the conservation of the environment.

How nice when business and innovation align with the vision!




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