Gastronomic business and innovation

Gastronomic business and innovation

Gastronomic business and innovation 1020 765 The Innova Room

The Innova Room teaches the Restaurant Design module, within the University Diploma in Restaurant Management, at the Center for Entrepreneurs of the UCA (Argentine Catholic University). In this first session the keys to the gastronomic business and the main trends in innovation methodologies in products and services are analyzed. Classes are taught in person by Francisco J. Gutiérrez de Arrechea, and via webinar by Mónica Muñoz García (both founding partners of The Innova Room).

General introduction to the restaurant business

This first lesson shows the relationship between infrastructure and service in a gastronomy business. For this, the parameters that determine the operation, both internal and external, are analyzed.

From there, the main types of businesses are reviewed in relation to the moments of consumption, the types of users and the levels of service. The evolution in consumption patterns in recent years (from low cost to smart) is analyzed, and how this has created a change in the configuration of restaurant products and services. In the following classes, these aspects are deepened.

Trends in product and service innovation

Finally, innovation methodologies that are helping to create new business models in various industries are presented. These tools are also applicable to the gastronomic business (both for new restaurants and to make existing ones more efficient).

We start from a reflection on the customer experience, from there define Design Thinking strategies that help us design the business. An essential part is the integration of the Customer Journey and the Service Blueprint into the business model. As well as the emotional perception by the client of all these contact points within the physical space.

The complete presentation used in the classes can be found here:




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