Pi por Radio_015: The essence of hotel service

Pi por Radio_015: The essence of hotel service

Pi por Radio_015: The essence of hotel service 1528 859 The Innova Room

In the PixRadio program broadcast on 06/16/2016 we talked about innovation in the hotel service. In the second part we interviewed Federico Martínez (lawyer). According to his vision, Federico commented on those legal aspects that affect the hotel business.

To illustrate the issue of innovation in services, we first comment on this article by Arturo Pérez Reverte. Sometimes, the modernization of a business causes the loss of its essence, as Pérez Reverte laments. On the other hand, from the point of view of the hotelier it is very difficult to maintain the level of personalized service of yesteryear, when competition has increased exponentially and prices have fallen accordingly. The artisan world has more and more difficult to survive, when the client is not willing to pay its production cost.

Standardization and the reduction of staff costs entail a certain loss of contact with the client. But in a twist, technology can supplement this artisanal knowledge by handling large volumes of complex data. Big Data, personalized marketing, tailored experiences… are we heading towards a Blade Runner-type future? Where the border between artificial and biological intelligence is blurred.

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