How to design profitable hotels

How to design profitable hotels

How to design profitable hotels 960 720 The Innova Room

What should a designer take into account before drawing the first line of a hotel? The decisions made in this phase will make future hotels profitable or see their results weighed down. This workshop was given on 04/19/2016 by Francisco J. Gutiérrez -founding partner of The Innova Room- at UBA (University of Buenos Aires), within the Scagliotti chair of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU).


Cómo diseñar hoteles rentables

Keys to design profitable hotels

In the presentation an introduction to the keys of hotel design for architects is made, pointing out those aspects that will be decisive for future profitability, defined as the balance between the EXTERNAL (opportunistic) approach and the INTERNAL (strategic) approach.

Opportunistic keys:

  • (Double check) Connectivity
  • Macro (economy)
  • People (to count on)
  • Who are (my clients?)
  • (And which is their) Motivation
  • Competition (around?)
  • Opportunities (see them coming?)
  • (Support) Breakthroughs
  • (Be exposed to) Black swan

Strategic keys:

  • Listen | Understand | Act (hopefully)
  • Business (sense)
  • Location (Location, Location)
  • (Slim) Fit
  • Fine tune (daily)
  • (Be) Different
  • (Be) Exclusive
  • (Everything under an accurate) Contract
  • (Focus on) REVPAR






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