Pi por Radio_003: Optimizing travel time

Pi por Radio_003: Optimizing travel time

Pi por Radio_003: Optimizing travel time 1600 899 The Innova Room

We share the video of the program n.003 of “Pi by Radio”, which was broadcasted on 03/17/2016. Today we talk about the optimization of travel time, among other topics. In the first part of the program, an interview was conducted with Guillermo Ríos, Secretary of Culture and Education of the city of Rosario, who pointed out clues about the tourist icons and local heritage.

The new perspectives are boosting urban tourism in medium-sized cities. For example, the city organizes the Gastronomic Week in May, which promotes various public-private collaboration initiatives between restaurants, culture, and tourism. All the information can be found on the website of the Rosario Tourist Entity.

Optimizing travel time

In addition, an interview conducted in Mexico by Francisco Gutiérrez with Facundo Etchebehere (Regional Director of Corporate Affairs for America at Danone) was included, talking about the travel experience from the traveler’s point of view, and how to increase the efficiency of travel time. journey. As an international executive who spends 80% of his time traveling around the world, Facundo tries to take advantage of every moment and balance his life. You can listen to it from minute 28:50 of the video.

When designing a service, it is very important to anticipate the user’s needs. Bearing in mind that a hotel is designed on average 24-36 months before the first client walks through the door, Francisco Gutiérrez points out that it is very important to be able to anticipate their needs but also preserve a certain degree of flexibility, since probably in that time the customer will have changed their expectations. Even when the customer target is very well defined, the uncertainty about the result is inevitable. Prudence recommends contemplating up to 40% variability on the expectations that are generated.

One last hint for business travelers: did you know that if you order your room service when you check-in at the hotel, you can save a lot of waiting time? Until next week!




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