Restaurant brand, typologies and infrastructure

Restaurant brand, typologies and infrastructure

Restaurant brand, typologies and infrastructure 1020 765 The Innova Room

We share the second session of the Restaurant Design module, within the University Diploma in Restaurant Organization and Management, at the Center for Entrepreneurs of the UCA (Argentine Catholic University). In this lesson, a review of brand architecture and positioning is carried out, reference cases are analyzed in terms of their environment and experience, and an introduction to the design of environments is made based on their infrastructure and the analysis of the elements that define your space.

Brand and positioning

We start from the deconstruction of the parameters that make up a brand and how altering any of these aspects changes the position in the market. Then, a possible classification or taxonomy of the businesses is analyzed based on aspects related to the moments of consumption, with the type of management, with the recurrence of consumption or convenience, etc.

Analysis of reference cases

After these initial reflections, various examples of gastronomic businesses in the city of Buenos Aires are jointly analyzed. It has been divided among cases notable for their performance and for the experience they provide. For the next class, a practical exercise is proposed to work individually:

Exercise 2: “My competitive set”
A. Filter the following fields on TripAdvisor according to your restaurant or gastronomic business proposal:
– Type of establishment
– Kitchen style
– Is good for…
– Price
– Gastronomic offer
– Neighborhoods
B. Identify the first five establishments according to the TripAdvisor ranking and take the information related to them. Download the data in the Excel model provided.
C. From each establishment analyzed, make a selection of images (minimum 5) and indicate the reason for your choice.

Infrastructure and elements of the gastronomic environment

Finally, the introduction to the topic that will continue in the next session is made: the analysis of the elements that define an environment in a gastronomic space. How these must be coherent with the positioning in the market and with the brand image, as well as they must be adapted to the functional requirements of the operation. Without forgetting to generate an emotion in the client and a memorable experience.

The ratio between the back office (production, storage and cleaning area) and the sales area (room and outdoor spaces), their intersection points, the different solutions for distributing the spaces, the sizing of the production sub-areas and consumption, as well as a brief introduction to materials and equipment.

The complete presentation used in the classes can be found here:

¿Tienes un restaurante o lo estás planeando?

Podemos ayudarte a definir las necesidades funcionales, la infraestructura y parámeros de negocio del mismo, además de crear una imagen atractiva del espacio
Para que tomes la mejor decisión de negocio antes de invertir en la infraestructura




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