Pi por Radio_019: Revenue management

Pi por Radio_019: Revenue management

Pi por Radio_019: Revenue management 1024 512 The Innova Room

In the Pi radio program broadcast on 07/11/2016 we talked about revenue management for the hotel sector. To do this, we interview Analía Murias who, together with her business partner Carolina Acerbo, leads the company Gestión de Servicios.

The rise of OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) has caused a return in the need for professional management of online marketing, to increase hotel profits. With commission margins and competition between the different channels becoming tighter, good management of them can determine the success of the business. The large chains apply big data tools to be able to adjust the rate in real time, depending on the changing scenario, but even independent hotels can benefit and obtain results without the need to make huge investments.

In the interview, Analía Murias begins by explaining her beginnings in the hotel industry, in which she has more than 15 years of experience. She in the different stages of her has always considered the business as an indivisible whole.

We have to change our glasses and look at reality differently.

Around minute 15, she provides an explanation about the origin of revenue management as a discipline that adds value to the hotel business. She then explains how this highly specialized management integrates with the rest of a hotel’s operational functions. Do not miss this masterclass in hotel sells and marketing.

The value chain must stay together.

Below are the videos of the complete program (two pieces of 30 minutes each).





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