Social Media for architects

Social Media for architects

Social Media for architects 1330 998 The Innova Room

In an increasingly social and interconnected world, students must plan a personal brand strategy already in college. For this reason, it is necessary to use social networks not only as a means of leisure, but as the fundamental channel of presentation of the (future) professional. This document presents some keys to communicate our professional DNA, and be more visible in an ultra-informed environment.

Get to know the main social networks and communication tools that will enhance your personal and professional brand. From the training stage, it is convenient to have a structured, coherent and sustainable communication plan in the long term, as a career strategy.

Presentation made on 11/16/2015 by Francisco J. Gutiérrez at UBA (University of Buenos Aires), at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU), within the Vertical Workshop of the Scagliotti chair.




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