Transformación digital del restaurante

Digital Transformation for Restaurants

Digital Transformation for Restaurants 1288 855 The Innova Room
In the 5th session of the Restaurant Design and Management module, we deal with the digital transformation of the restaurant: from the operational processes to the customer experience.
jornada comercialización turismo rural fextur extremadura

E-Commerce for Rural Tourism

E-Commerce for Rural Tourism 1800 1350 The Innova Room
How does design impact a hotel business, and what keys can we apply so that they benefit mutually? This was the key idea of the paper presented on 04/21/2017 by Mónica Muñoz García -partner of The Innova Room- during the Rural Tourism Marketing Conference, organized by FEXTUR (Extreme Rural Tourism Federation) in Cáceres.
Economía colaborativa y negocios tradicionales. Ideas de colaboración y alianzas.

Sharing economy vs. traditional businesses

Sharing economy vs. traditional businesses 1428 836 The Innova Room
Is it possible for traditional companies and others based on the collaborative or sharing economy to share the market and benefits? Here we analyze the origin of the collaborative economy, the factors behind its rise and what possible strategies can contribute to business development together with companies with traditional models.




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