Pi por Radio_001: Tourism trends

Pi por Radio_001: Tourism trends

Pi por Radio_001: Tourism trends 1630 1035 The Innova Room

Last Thursday, March 3rd, we started a collaboration with Mariana Alfaro and Patricia Molina to carry out the online radio program: “Pi por Radio“, where we divulgate information on hotel and tourism trends. This one-hour weekly program is broadcast live on the Grupo Sentidos radio station, every Thursday at 3:00 p.m. Buenos Aires time (7:00 p.m. in Spain). Later we share the contents on our new You Tube channel.

A few words about our companions on this trip, both tourism experts and multi-entrepreneurs: Mariana Alfaro has a degree in Tourism and after a long corporate career she founded Rural y Urbano. Patricia Molina is specialized in tourism marketing and training, and is the founder of La Usina de Tendencias.

Hotel Trends

In the first program we have had the intervention of our co-founder Francisco Gutiérrez, conducting an interview with José Gabriel Veiga, General Director of HTL South America-Pacific:

The trend is music, gastronomy, the wave; the hotel will be a meeting place, where you can interact with people from all over the world. Every hotel in the future will be like a big club.

Gastronomy will be one of the most powerful engines of tourism innovation. In the region, the leadership of Peru and Mexico in this regard has been recognized for some time, but new opportunities and emerging players are emerging every day. For example, developing products for specific segments, or promoting gourmet aspects of lesser-known traditional cuisines.

On the other hand, the way in which the hospitality industry manages the user experience outside their home offers opportunities to add value in other non-tourism sectors. Sometimes cross innovation generates ideas and new products, unsuspected within a sector. According to Francisco Gutierrez:

The origin of the hotel industry is the crossroads, which later became more sophisticated. With current technology we are going back to the origin, with apparently simpler solutions, which are the most successful.

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