Pi por Radio_002: Women and Tourism

Pi por Radio_002: Women and Tourism

Pi por Radio_002: Women and Tourism 1600 899 The Innova Room

We share the video of the program n.002 of “Pi by Radio”, which was broadcast on 03/10/2016. On the occasion of Women’s Day, this time various issues related to women workers in the tourism sector were discussed: how their work has evolved and what pitfalls have sometimes arisen along the way. Mariana Alfaro and Patricia Molina contributed their valuable first-hand experience to tell us how they have experienced the changes in the sector.

Interview with Óscar Andújar

In addition, an interview conducted by Francisco Gutiérrez with Óscar Andújar (Director of Operations of NH Chile) was included, whose extensive experience in the tourism sector in various countries in Europe and Latin America is very illustrative. You can listen to it from minute 42:40 of the video:

The ability to convey to the staff what the promise of value to the guest means has helped me a lot when working in these markets. It is difficult to transmit in the short term, but the return in the medium term is enormous.

I find two differential aspects of the sector in Chile: a) a high development and sophistication of the gastronomic experience, and b) a “classic” service continues to exist, with values that perhaps in Europe have been largely lost, but here they continue to maintain a high value.

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