Every time I have the opportunity to share projects with The Innova Room, or to explore ideas, or sometimes just toexchange opinions … I always have the same feeling: that I receive a better point of view, ideas are improved, the reasoning is expanded and there is a focused and professional criteria. Always perfect.

Enrique Tellechea Juaristi - Founder Partner THE [NULL] Corporate Imagination

I worked with Monica and she is a great professional. I’d like to highlight her enormous experience, her commitment to the project and the people she works with, and her impulso to always go further, exceeding the expectations.

Luisa Jiménez Manzorro - Managing Director UTÓPICA, a VIRTUOSO member

The Innova Room collaborated closely with us during more than four years, and they played a key role every time we launched a new innovation. They are experts in connecting with the strategic objectives of the companies and in transforming them into tangible business. They get involved from the beginning to the end.

Fernando Sanz Nicuesa - Marketing Dir. at BEER & FOOD (HEINEKEN)

It is a luxury to work with Mónica, both for the value she brings as a professional, and for her personality. She gave us another approach in our market research and her advice that was a key success.

Javier Pérez Jiménez - Managing Director of VP HOTELES y GINKGO Restaurantes

Innovation is using creativity to generate productive changes and a higher value, and that is what I found with Francisco at The Innova Room in Argentina, where we worked together on several projects.

Juancho González Morón - President at CMSSA

Excellent professionals with great expertise in hospitality, as well as fully updated on trends and new customer needs. They work both with national and international brands, specially those who want to expand their portfolio.
People helping people. Highly recommended!

Javier Huertas Morales - Founder of BRAVOO SESSIONS and Hotel Director at MELIÁ

A fantastic team with with whom it is always a pleasure to collaborate, who always provide concrete and well-prepared solutions for each project that arises.

Miguel Berraondo Egaña - Head of Concept Studio at UNIBAIL-RODAMCO-WESTFIELD

Excellent results every time we have collaborated with them. Great professionals, always with a positive attitude and ready to help. 100% recommendable!

Iñigo Garitaonaindia - Operations Manager en AKORA

I had the opportunity to work closely with Monica and it has been a pleasure. It is a very professional team, with a lot of proactivity and positive spirit, and always looking for excellence.

Elena Alonso - Project Manager at ACERTA

Our organization values ​​the management of The Innova Room very positively. They show their professionalism both in the relationship with clients and suppliers, as well as in quality control, deadlines and costs. Perfect!

Horacio Abal - President of MYOCESA

I was a collaborator in Buenos Aires, excellent team, leaded by Francisco! They constantly study where the market, leisure and trends are heading, solving the present and preparing it for what lies ahead.

Fernando López - Architect & 3D Artist

Working with Monica is a always a pleasure; Her professional approach to the different topics covered is always very successful and different, being key in the development of the different proposals worked together.

Juan Artaza - Co-Founder and Managing Director at Artaza y Cinca

Professionals to work with is easy. And with a vision of the future more than recommended. I wish you many success.

Juan Luis Requena - Co-Founder and Principal at Requena y Plaza

Developing projects together with The Innova Room is inspiring. Their opinions and proposals go far beyond the project purpose, as they show a 360º strategic vision focused on the success of the business.

Mar Masulli - Founder & CEO at BIT METRICS

The intervention of The Innova Room was decisive to achieve the success of the hotel project, in a very adverse economical situation. We felt accompanied by them at any point of the project with the security that comes with a big expertise.

Leonardo Luce - President at SOCMER




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