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What we do at The Innova Room



We offer an innovative boutique service
Do you know how we do it?



We build bridges between

design &


We encourage cross innovation and synergies
between different disciplines and industries



More than 20 years of expertise in

hotels &


Tourism, Leisure, Retail
and professional services



Our background in architecture allows us to join


business &




We analize, ideate and implement
business solutions though

Design Thinking


[maxtitle type=”2″]Services


[iconbox type=”5″ icon_title=”Strategy & Business” icon_link_text=”Read more” icon_link_url=”http://www.theinnovaroom.com/en/services/#estrategia-EN” icon_color=”#e4744f” icon_name=”fa-area-chart”]We study the client´s business model and their competitive environment in order to device the best strategy for them. We implement it and measure the results. [/iconbox][iconbox type=”5″ icon_title=”Real Estate Management” icon_link_text=”Read more” icon_link_url=”http://www.theinnovaroom.com/en/services/#inmuebles-EN” icon_color=”#e4744f” icon_name=”fa-building-o”]We analize the business potential of a building, a portfolio or a retail network. We optimize their functionality, while adequating their image by creating an appealing product.
[iconbox type=”5″ icon_title=”Marketing & Innovation” icon_link_text=”Read more” icon_link_url=”http://www.theinnovaroom.com/en/services/#marketing-EN” icon_color=”#e4744f” icon_name=”fa-lightbulb-o”]We create and help to reposition products and services, from market research until conceptual design. We integrate trends and user insights into business solutions.
[/iconbox][iconbox type=”5″ icon_title=”Business Optimization” icon_link_text=”Read more” icon_link_url=”http://www.theinnovaroom.com/en/services/#procesos-EN” icon_color=”#e4744f” icon_name=”fa-gears”]We optimize the production processes in order to adapt to market changes. We identify internal and external synergies, while enhancing the efficiency of business management.


[iconbox type=”5″ icon_title=”Digital Transformation” icon_link_text=”Read more” icon_link_url=”http://www.theinnovaroom.com/en/services/#digital-EN” icon_color=”#e4744f” icon_name=”fa-rss”]We impulse the company’s digital transformation, from its corporate culture and internal processes, to its online and social communication.


[process proc_title=”Analyze” proc_text=”I have a challenge
How do I face it?” proc_icon=”fa-group”][process proc_title=”Ideate” proc_text=”I see an opportunity
What should I create?” proc_icon=”fa-comment”][process proc_title=”Prototype” proc_text=”I have an idea
How do I build it?” proc_icon=”fa-cube”][process proc_title=”Test” proc_text=”I created something
How can I improve it?” proc_icon=”fa-rotate-left”][distance type=”3″]
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[maxtitle type=”2″]What our clients say

[/maxtitle][testimonial_slider][testimonial_item name=”Leonardo Luce” img=”4194″ subtitle=”President at SOCMER”]

The intervention of The Innova Room was decisive to achieve the success of the hotel project, in a very adverse economical situation. We felt accompanied by them at any point of the project with the security that comes with a big expertise.

[/testimonial_item][testimonial_item name=”Fernando Sanz Nicuesa” img=”4193″ subtitle=”Marketing Dir. at BEER & FOOD (HEINEKEN)”]

The Innova Room collaborated closely with us during more than four years, and they played a key role every time we launched a new innovation. They are experts in connecting with the strategic objectives of the companies and in transforming them into tangible business. They get involved from the beginning to the end.

[/testimonial_item][testimonial_item name=”Ignacio Olabarri” img=”4195″ subtitle=”Founder & CEO at INGENOR”]

The Innova Room team is composed by enthusiastic people with great motivation and ideas, while the boutique approach allows them to be flexible and accessible. But over all, they are trustworthy professionals with a great expertise, who day after day go ahead in the right direction.

[/testimonial_item][testimonial_item name=”Mar Masulli” img=”4240″ subtitle=”Founder & CEO at ETIQUETA BIO and BIT METRICS”]

Developing projects together with The Innova Room is inspiring. Their opinions and proposals go far beyond the project purpose, as they show a 360º strategic vision focused on the success of the business.


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