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Concept Design for Real Estate spaces inside Banco Popular bank branches

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Concept corner for the commercialization of real estate products within Banco Popular bank branches.

BANCO POPULAR is the sixth financial institution in Spain by number of assets. It has more than 2,000 bank branches. Within the reorganization processes of its offices, it was proposed to install a corner of its real estate business, ALISEDA, to facilitate cross-business with its clients.

The Aliseda space was conceived as an independent element, where customers could interact with touch screens or staff depending on the moment, to obtain real estate and financial information. THE INNOVA ROOM made a preliminary concept and a plan for the implementation of the prototypes in pilot premises, although the proposal did not reach this stage.

Cómo lo abordamos

A) Briefing

Design an ALISEDA space within Banco POPULAR branches, to generate new business opportunities with bank customers. Scalable and easily integrated into the diversity of current spaces. Created to extend Aliseda’s current offer to a physical space, which is only online and has difficulty reaching certain target customers of the bank.

The space should have an outward presence even when the office is closed. And it should allow operation as an unattended element at off-peak times, or attended by Aliseda personnel at peak times or by appointment. Likewise, the closeness to the bank staff would facilitate the joint offer of packages of real estate and financial products.

B) The Solution

A modulated concept was created, which was recognized as an iconic element within the branches or in the spaces where it was implemented, and at the same time could be adapted to the different available spaces. The materials used are resistant, easy to maintain, and visually light and clear. With a corporate color accent on specific elements such as lamps or rugs.

The element is characterized by a self-supporting curved partition in translucent glass, which creates a microspace within the office container or other spaces (street, stations, etc.). Said space is topped by a flown cover that helps its identification.

The screens, both a large format screen and tablets for customer use, play a leading role in the proposal. Dynamic content continually communicates promotions and products tailored to the branch’s visiting public.

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