Caparra Entelman | Strategy Consultancy

Strategy Consultancy for an Interior Design and Architecture firm

The Challenge

2015-2016, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

CAPARRA ENTELMAN & ASOCIADOS was a prestigious Architecture, Interior Design and Design Studio, with wide experience in hospitality projects. They carried out projects all over the world for the best international hotel chains (Starwood, Hilton, Park Hyatt…). In 2015, they decided to undertake a process to improve its management, as well as to explore new business channels that would complement its activity and its brand.

To do this, they commissioned THE INNOVA ROOM to accompany them in this process as a strategic consultant and ally, through a collaboration framework agreement.

How We Did It

The work was carried out in several ways: internal management and production processes, communication plan and development of a new furniture design business line.

A) Internal management

Se realizó un diagnóstico preliminar del funcionamiento del Studio, organigrama, flujos de procesos de diseño, sistemas de gestión de la información, control A preliminary diagnosis of the operation of the Studio, organizational chart, design process flows, information management systems, economic control of income and expenses, etc. was made. Following its conclusions, actions were established on the most urgent and priority issues:

  • General Strategy
  • Budget Overall target for 2016
  • Organization chart, profiles, roles and functions
  • File systematization and project information management

B) Communication plan

After an initial analysis of the situation, the Study’s Communication Plan was drawn up, both online and offline. Among others, the following actions were carried out:

  • Presence in RRSS: creation of profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.
  • Dynamization of content in RRSS, and monitoring of results.
  • Updating of the corporate website (in progress)
  • Creation of corporate documents (brochure, design catalogues…), as well as an offer model for clients with credentials.

C) New business areas

On the one hand, a Commercial Plan was carried out for business growth through current clients and services, based on communication and dissemination of the Firm’s activity, presence in specialized forums and contacts with established clients. On the other hand, new lines of business related to mass public access to the quality and style present in the designs of CAPARRA ENTELMAN & ASOCIADOS were explored.

More information about the Studio: Facebook

Images source: corporate archive of Caparra Entelman & Asociados




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