Via Birra | Concept Design Management

Concept Design Management for a new Italian restaurants brand franchised by Heineken

The Challenge

Design Management for a new franchise of pizzerias-breweries
2011-2015, four pilot restaurants

BEER & FOOD restaurant group (belonging to HEINEKEN Spain) developed its own innovative concept of pizzeria and brewery “Via Birra” between 2011 and 2015, in the smart choice segment.

During this period, THE INNOVA ROOM carried out: design management and transversal integration with other areas, study of the spaces, analysis of expansion opportunities and management of the openings of the banner.

Likewise, the brand was adjusted to fit with the market after the test.

How We Did It

A) Concept Design

We lead the interior design competition process, and after that the development of the proposals up to the executive project. To do this, we collaborated with various agencies and professionals in the various stages of the project, such as EMO, or Woz’ere.

B) Franchise Design Book

Based on the typical local project, the Franchise Design Book was prepared, which includes all the technical-aesthetic characteristics that a local must meet, as well as the catalog of furniture, equipment and decoration typical of the brand.
In addition to reflecting all the aesthetic conditions and possible types of premises, an exhaustive process of homologation of elements was carried out, in order to achieve economies of scale in the extension.

C) Expansion Plan and analysis of opportunities

Throughout the period, the feasibility analysis of premises for the implementation of the banner was carried out, according to an innovative agile methodology developed by THE INNOVA ROOM, thanks to which very accurate investment evaluations are obtained in less than 24 hours.

D) Project Management

The franchised premises were managed from their analysis to the opening. In the post-opening phase, modifications to the concept were managed to adapt to the changing needs of the business. Among them, rebranding and repositioning of the concept.

Source of the images: own elaboration and corporate website of Beer & Food




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