Public Areas Strategy for a new Hostel

Trends Research and Operations Plan for the public areas of a new Chic Hostel

The Challenge

Strategy for the public areas of a hostel chic
2016-2017, Madrid (Spain)

The client was developing an innovative hotel business in Madrid, and the design contained a large proportion of public spaces beyond mere accommodation. In addition, the layout allowed direct access from the street for external clients. The space had great potential due to the appealing views of Madrid from the rooftop.

For this reason, THE INNOVA ROOM was commissioned to study trends in this category (hostels), and to carry out a Strategic Plan for Public Areas to seek to provide content and activity to all these spaces and carry out its business plan.

How We Did It

A) Hostel Trends

In the first place, a market study of similar experiences was carried out and the key points were identified. Depending on the client’s target and their motivations, 6 axes were made explicit on which to articulate the strategy proposal for public areas.

B) Strategic Plan for Public Areas

After the analysis phase, the possible uses were structured based on their business potential, their internal or external nature, and the universes of activity in which they are located.

Under this scheme, a brainstorming and activity proposals were generated. As a result of this creative exercise, the ideas were positioned on a map of recurrence and type of public. From here, the different documents and deliverables were generated so that the client could present the proposal to the different business partners in each area of activity. This later phase would be developed internally by the client.

After the plan, the client carried out a search for alliances for the exploitation of the spaces and the curation of the cultural content.

Architecture Project: Artaza y Cinca
Source of the images: own elaboration and Artaza y Cinca




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