Fangio Hotels | Strategy Consultancy

Strategy Consultancy for the creation and development of a new Hospitality brand

The Challenge

Argentina, 2015-2017

The FANGIO EPOS Group is a licensee of the “Juan Manuel Fangio” and “Fangio” brands for use in the hotel industry. The Group plans the national and international expansion of its hotel business with the FANGIO EPOS HOTELES brand, as well as the development of its restaurant chain (Fangio Sport Café) and the merchandising business line.

THE INNOVA ROOM participates in the brand development process as a strategic consultant and ally in the search for expansion opportunities, through a collaboration framework agreement.

How We Did It

A) Analysis

A detailed analysis of all the development work done to date by various teams has been carried out, in addition to visiting the places where the accommodation and restaurant business is already operating, as well as potential locations for future agreements.

B) Strategic Plan

To articulate the development of the Group’s business as a whole, and of the hotel sector in particular, a Strategic Plan is being drawn up which will include:

  • Market analysis and trends
  • Strategic lines of development
  • Objectives 2016 and three years
  • Action plan

C) Expansion plan and opportunity analysis

During the development of the brand, numerous contacts of investors interested in the Fangio brand are taking place. In these cases, the business opportunities, consistency of the product, suitability of its market and location are analyzed, and the client is assisted in the negotiations.

D) Online Communication Plan

THE INNOVA ROOM advises FANGIO EPOS HOTELES in the development of its online communication strategy, to guide the design and development of its corporate website and the presence plan on Social Networks, in parallel with the rest of the business.

Source of the images: corporate website of Fangio Épos Hotels and the Juan Manuel Fangio Foundation.




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