Aguacalma Boutique | Feasibility Plan

Feasibility, Business and Positioning Plan for a boutique touristic residential product

The Challenge

Location: Cariló, Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Boutique holiday residential complex, 60 apartments, 10,000 m2

The real estate developers entrusted THE INNOVA ROOM with the development and implementation of the Viability and Positioning Plan for Aguacalma Boutique vacation homes in Cariló (Argentina).

Simultaneously to the Plan, the service proposal was defined and staff training was carried out. Finally, the commercialization of a group of units was managed under a rental pool system, for a period of three years (2009-2013).

How we did it

Scope of work

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Business plan
  • Definition of service proposal, staff training and start-up of the operation
  • Definition, implementation and monitoring of the positioning and marketing plan for temporary rentals
  • Business administration, reporting and distribution of profits to owners
  • Development of a computer system for operational, commercial and administrative management
  • Transfer of the business to the current operators

The result

The management of the complex was handed over to specialized operators, after having positioned the product on the market. In the following years, the management continued and improved, with positive results in the last years.

Image source: corporate website of Aguacalma

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