Feasibility study for Tourist Destination

Tourist Potential Study for Hospitality and Leisure businesses at Zarate (Argentina)

The Challenge

2017, Zarate, Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

The client is developing the Master Plan for the urban and economic development of the Municipality of Zarate. In order to present the tourism business potential to potential national and international investors, THE INNOVA ROOM has been asked to prepare a Tourism Potential Study.

Objective: to identify, assess and estimate the potential for business development related to hospitality and leisure within the sphere of influence of Zarate Master Plan.

How We Did It

A) The Destination and its environment

  • Analysis of external factors, infrastructure and connectivity.
  • Macroeconomic factors and their impact on the destination.
  • Identification of the main motivations for traveling to the destination of Zarate.
  • Analysis of the business fabric and its potential for business tourism (business travel).
  • Potential analysis of fairs, events and congresses.
  • Analysis of the attractiveness of leisure and the natural environment.
  • Analysis of the development potential of health and wellness tourism.

B) Current accommodation market study

  • Identification and tourist classification of accommodation at the destination.
  • Current accommodation infrastructure of the destination and its area of influence.
  • Analysis of the presence and distribution in the city of the hotel, gastronomic, equipment, leisure and green areas offer.
  • Selection, analysis and segmentation of current accommodation offer.
  • Analysis of the current accommodation offer: typology, management, category, size, average prices, etc.

C) Business opportunity

Identification of the potential for development and growth of the accommodation offer at the destination, as a consequence of the previous analysis. For this purpose, the following were identified:

  • Preferred areas for the location of tourism businesses within the Master Plan, with greater development potential and good connectivity.
  • Identification of key points for tourism development.
  • Analysis of the optimal size of businesses.
  • Identification of complementary residential needs.

D) Reference cases

  • “The Guggenheim effect”: presentation of similar cases of recovery of industrial areas with development of cultural, tourist and leisure infrastructures.
  • Comparison of destinations in terms of population, transport infrastructure, industrial fabric, cultural, sports and leisure facilities, and data on the local accommodation offer in each reference case.
  • Analysis of the factors that have determined success or failure in the reference cases.

After this work, the Master Plan continued its development and implementation phase, and various actions planned for the presentation of the tourism business potential in Zárate to potential investors were carried out.

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