Flunch Café | Concept Design Manag.

Conceptual Rebranding for a french-inspired coffee shops chain, franchised by Heineken

El reto

Rebranding of French coffee shops Flunch Café
2014-2015, three locations

Flunch Café is a cafeteria concept with the spirit of a Parisian café, with special attention to French pastries. In 2014, the BEER & FOOD restaurant group (part of  HEINEKEN Spain) reached a Masterfranchise agreement with the parent group, and as part of its expansion plans, it decided to undertake a complete rebranding of the concept for positioning it out of shopping centers, at high street locations.

During this period, THE INNOVA ROOM managed the design and integration with other corporate areas, study of the spaces, analysis of expansion opportunities and management of the openings of the restaurant prototypes as market tests.

Cómo lo abordamos

A) Design Concept

The original concept was created to be implemented in shopping centers and its image was not attractive in premises at street level. A comprehensive redesign process was necessary, both of the product and of the image of the premises and the branding. For that purpose, a multidisciplinary team was formed. In order to have the best ideas, a creativity contest was called, and the rebranding project was developed prior to the expansion process.

The concept of interior design was led from the design contest phase (won by Labmatic). The design of the pilot premises was supervised until its opening. The image of the interior design concept was integrated with the brand’s communication, created by Marketing.

B) Franchise Design Book

Based on the pilot restaurant project, we prepared the Design Book, which includes all the technical-aesthetic characteristics that a place must meet, as well as the definition of furniture, equipment and decoration of the brand.

In addition to reflecting all the aesthetic conditions and possible types of spaces, we carry out an exhaustive equipment standardization process, in order to achieve economies of scale in the expansion.

C) Expansion and analysis of opportunities

The feasibility analysis of premises for the implementation of the brans was carried out following an innovative agile methodology developed by THE INNOVA ROOM. This provides the client a very accurate investment evaluation in less than 24 hours. The brand was later renamed “La Francerie” in its subsequent expansion, outside of Flunch’s initial network, retaining the look and feel.

Design of a new image for premises: Labmatic

Image source: corporate website of Beer & Food




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