Gastro-Innovation Space by Heineken

Culinary Innovation and Training Centre for the restaurant brands' franchisees

The Challenge

Training and R&D center for restaurant franchises
+400 restaurants in Spain
Kitchen Lab Location: Madrid

The restaurant group BEER & FOOD (part of HEINEKEN Spain) entrusted THE INNOVA ROOM in 2012 with the creation in Madrid of a gastronomic research center: a kitchen laboratory and training school for their franchisees.

The premises had to have the necessary industrial equipment to be able to develop any of the Company’s concepts, and at the same time, house a teaching activity with a flexible spatial configuration.

On the other hand, the Laboratory Kitchen had to have an attractive and versatile image of the brand.

How We Did It

A) Concept and project

The client’s needs were very particular and there were not many references to similar centers, with these requirements of use and size (maximum 250 m2). Therefore, a strict conceptual definition process had to be carried out to arrive at the ideal product, in a space that was as compact as possible.

After defining the global concept, selecting a suitable location and agreeing on the organization scheme, THE INNOVA ROOM entrusted the development of the executive project to MVN, who also assumed the direction of the work.

B) Project Management

The general coordination between the parties, bidding for the works and economic control, general planning, quality control, management of licenses and permits until the opening of the premises was carried out.

On the other hand, all the equipment was managed: catering, audiovisual, decoration furniture and props.

Once operational, the venue has turned out to be so versatile that it hosts corporate meetings, presentations to investors, talks and training, collaborations with external chefs for the development of special projects, promotional events and other activities related to franchises.

Source of the images: own elaboration and corporate website of Beer & Food




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