Grand Hotel & Spa Caviahue

Technical Consultancy for the opening of a boutique hotel in Patagonia

El reto

Location: Caviahue, Province of Neuquén (Argentina)
4* hotel, 41 rooms, 3,500 m2

The owners of the ski center in Patagonia had to restart the construction of the hotel building, which had been interrupted in 2010. THE INNOVA ROOM identified the right contractor to complete this construction, in a complex economic, climatic and geographical environment.

In addition to the conditions described, the correct formula was defined for contracting the works in an environment of inflation and exchange rate uncertainty, such as the one existing during the 2013-2015 period. The hotel was able to open in June 2015 and has been operating successfully ever since.

Cómo lo solucionamos

What we did

Analysis of the starting situation and diagnosis.

  • Selection of a suitable contractor to assume responsibility for the assignment.
  • Collaboration in the definition of the contractual form and framework agreements.
  • Establishment of the economic framework for the feasibility of the operation.
  • Technical assistance for the definition of the real scope of the work, in terms of construction and equipment.

Image source: Grand Hotel Caviahue corporate website




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