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Product definition, client representation and management contract negotiation for a 4 star hotel

El reto

Location: Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay)
4* hotel, 75 rooms, 4,750 m2

Definition of Product and Hotel Business Model on behalf of the operator. Through one of the members of the development group G&D Real Estate Developers, THE INNOVA ROOM agreed to represent the operator (in coordination with the Operations and Development Department) as its representative in the phase of presentation of the business model and negotiation of the Management contract conditions.

Additionally, the definition of the architectural product was carried out, according to the Business Plan.

Cómo lo abordamos

Scope of work

Presentation of the operator and its management and business model. Among other tasks, the following were carried out:

  • Negotiation of the framework conditions for the definition of the hotel contract under management.
  • Definition of the ideal Hotel Product for that location.
  • Business Model Proposal.
  • Assistance to the architecture studio in charge of the project and coordination between the requirements of the operation and the investment conditions and the architectural product.
  • Value engineering for the optimization of profitable areas.
  • Support to the developer group in the presentation round of the project before potential investors.

The project was left in the portfolio, pending for better macroeconomic conditions for the venture.

Developer Group: G&D Real Estate Developers + LH Developers
Architecture Studio: Tomas Lier Arquitectos & Asociados

Image source: corporate website of G&D Developers




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