L’Arrivo Milano Hotel | Trends and KPIs

Hotel Trends Analysis and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a new 4-star hotel at Milano (Italy)

The Challenge

Location: Piazza Duca D’Aosta 4, Milan (Italy)
4* hotel, 190 rooms, 8,143 m2

The Italian group REALE IMMOBILI S.p.A. called a restricted competition for the implementation of a hotel in a building it owns, in one of the most significant recovery interventions in the city.

De8 Architetti contacted THE INNOVA ROOM to support them in the hotel innovation advisory, analyze market trends and key data of the operation.

How We Did It

A) Market trends

For the approach of the product, a trend study was carried out, both international and local. Starting from the major global demographic trends for 2030, up to their application in the hotel field.

The key aspects that could direct the brand promise and its value perceived by the customer, or customer insights, were also pointed out.

B) Strategic lines of development

As a conclusion to the analysis, a strategic map was proposed on which to base the hotel project, in three lines of development:

  • Clients: lifestyle, multi-channel two-way communication, etc.
  • Business: business intelligence, operational efficiency, talent management.
  • Focus on innovation: in product, processes, marketing and organization.

C) Key data of the hotel operation

Finally, a preliminary business plan was prepared with the main data of the operation: expected occupancy, average price, RevPar, income and expenses, and expected operating profit.

Source of the images: own elaboration and architecture project of De8 Architetti




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