Kimpton Barcelona | Concept for F&B areas

Market Research and Conceptualization for the Food & Beverages areas at a boutique hotel

The Challenge

2018, Barcelona (Spain)

This hotel belongs to CASACUBERTA, a company that specializes in the acquisition and enhancement of high-quality real-estate assets. The property is located in the Gótico neighborhood, a tourist and commercial zone within the city. In 2018, the proprietaries reached an agreement with the brand Kimpton (brand of boutique hotels and restaurants within IHG) regarding its future operation after a global repositioning process. In this context, the proprietaries commissioned FOODAY (expert advisers in restoration) to realize a market study and conceptualization plan regarding the F&B areas within the hotel.

FOODAY contacted THE INNOVA ROOM to collaborate in creating an action plan for this client, as both companies could contribute their expert knowledge, teams, and complimentary capabilities within the field.

How We Did It

The objective of this project was to define a restaurant concept for the different public zones of the hotel (including a terrace with a pool) that would be competitive and attractive in the local market. The gastronomical concept, design, and image of the brand were developed later by specialized teams. Phases of the project:

A) Market Study

First, a quantitative and qualitative study was made, including an analysis of the tendencies in hotel restaurants/restaurant experiences. The characteristics of the destination (Barcelona) were studied in terms of: the composition of the actual offering, the segmentation of hotels and restaurants, the current commercial and touristic zones, and an analysis of the urban outlines and access to the area, of the tourist profile in the area, etc.

On the other hand, the composition of Kimpton’s portfolio was studied as well, to ensure the coherence of the new concept with the global image of the brand. Additionally, this was done to identify patterns in positioning or gastronomical concepts in other locations.

Furthermore, a quantitative and qualitative study was completed to give a representation of the principal competitors (92 establishments were selected). The quantitative parameters were defined: infrastructure and location, gastronomical concept, type of operation, average prices, complementary services, opening hours, positioning in the market, presence on social media and reputation.

The collected information was analyzed extensively using business intelligence tools in order to arrive at conclusions for the next phase of the project. Consequently, an objective product and positioning was defined in order to develop a concept that would generate the most attraction within the market in this destination.

B) Conceptualization

After an analysis of the local market, the potential of the building itself and the available spaces for F&B was evaluated within the objective positioning defined in the original study. In each of the three zones with the potential to be operational, the ideal concept was defined, taking into account a balance between operational feasibility and market potential.

To conceptualize the business, we used a 360º model that integrates the vision of: the operation (functional parameters of the business), the design (the equipment in the spaces) and the marketing (positioning within the market and key elements of the brand). The concepts created were subsequently developed in terms of these three aspects with the following teams: a) executive chef and other kitchen staff, b) architects, technicians and designers, and c) marketing and communications agencies.

In each one of the F&B zones the following was defined: positioning within the market, gastronomical concept (type of food), structure of the menu, services and main internal processes, opening hours, program of uses and spaces, zoning, functional requirements, kitchen and auxiliary equipment, key ideas for interior design, key ideas for the development of the brand/communication, and general style/ambiance.


The project is currently under development and construction by the various specialized teams, and is projected to be completed in the second semester of 2019.

Project Teams:
Architecture: GCA Architects
Interior Design: El Equipo Creativo

Images Sources: Kimpton Hotels and Casacuberta. Schemes: The Innova Room.




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