Market Research Restaurants

Restaurants Market Research at Madrid, including trends study, quantitative and qualitative analysis

The Challenge

2016, Madrid (Spain)

The client was an international restaurant group that was developing a new brand to enter the European market. For this goal, they wanted to open a pilot restaurant in Madrid and they commissioned THE INNOVA ROOM to carry out a Market Study of the target area..

THE INNOVA ROOM carried out an online and offline investigation of the current competitors, their typology and product. It included extensive online research along with several visits to the premises, and a joint analysis of all the information. The final report collected all the data analysed, the conclusions and recommendations for the development of the new brand and its competitive position in the market.

How We Did It

A) Research and data collection

  • Online research in a minimum of three sources and pre-selection of the most relevant cases.
  • On-site visits at various times of consumption.
  • Verification of data after visits.
  • Expansion of the initial selection and volume of data.
  • Social network research.

B) Data processing

  • Creation of database to process the information.
  • Structuring and weighting of data values.
  • Identification of key quantitative data.

C) Final report and conclusions

  • Elaboration of graphs and diagrams to communicate quantitative information.
  • Selection of qualitative information, and decision making.
  • Preparation of conclusions and development recommendations.
  • Drafting of the final report with all the integrated information, and executive summary.

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