Gambrinus Plan Renove | Repositioning Plan

Design and Management of a Refurbishment Plan for a pub chain with over 100 points of sale in Spain

The Challenge

+400 Heineken F&B outlets in Spain (global brands)
106 refurbished Gambrinus restaurants
€3,400,000 of dedicated investment in 2011 and 2012

HEINEKEN Spain, through its own restaurants group (BEER & FOOD), decided to undertake an ambitious investment plan in 2011 to renew its network of Gambrinus themed breweries, present in the market since 1997. Beer & Food became later Avanza Food Group.

THE INNOVA ROOM received the task of designing and implementing the RenovationPlan, achieving at the end of the period an average increase in sales of 4 percentage points above the rest of the brands, and maintaining the network competitive in an adverse economic and market context.

How We Did It

The Gambrinus Renewal Plan consisted of financing, designing, planning and undertaking turnkey rapid improvement interventions in the premises, in order to improve the environmental and service quality and unify the brand image of the establishments. The scope of the interventions was divided into three types:

  • Minimum: only action was taken on the brewing facilities.
  • Standard: total adaptation of the premises, furniture and corporate image, without altering the configuration of the space.
  • Large: layout reconfigurations, modification of hotel equipment, extensions of the premises and other major interventions.


A) Quantitative

  • In a period of two years, 106 refurbishment were undertaken within the Gambrinus Renewal Plan, which meant the renewal of 86% of the total restaurants.
  • An average of 4.5 works/month was executed (eliminating seasonality), reaching up to 8 works/month at peak times. Average investment of €35,000 per store.
  • During the planning and execution of the works, it was possible to reduce the average cost of each intervention, thanks to economies of scale, which generated a surplus of 4%, which was reinvested in the Plan to increase the number of outlets benefited.
  • The refurbished stores increased their sales by an average of 4 percentage points above the rest of the brands, in addition to resisting in the market in a context of closures.

B) Qualitative

  • Unification and reinforcement of the corporate image and brand identity.
  • Operational improvement, especially in cases of extended scope to correct spatial inefficiencies.
  • Increase in sales due to the increase in seated positions and consumption area at the bar.
  • Reopening of closed premises thanks to the entry of new investors.
  • Establishment of a new dynamic of communication between the headquarters of the banner and the premises.

Source of the images: own elaboration and corporate website of Beer & Food




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