Radisson Collection Bilbao | 5-star Hotel Project Management

Project Management, Senior Advisory and Client Representation for a luxury hotel in Bilbao

The Challenge

2022, Bilbao (España)
5-star Hotel, 137 rooms, LEED Planinum sustainability certificate

Radisson Collection Hotel, Magdalena Plaza Bilbao is located at the beginning of the main commercial street at Bilbao, in an emblematic building from the beginning of the 20th century.

In 2019, Millenium Hotels Real Estate (MHRE) acquired the buildings  and signed an agreement with the international brand Radisson Hotel Group for the operation of the luxury hotel. MHRE is specialized in the investment and development of value-added hotel projects through repositioning.

Radisson Collection brand, whose motto is “Welcome to the Exceptional”, is focused to those who value ​​a high-end, vibrant lifestyle. Gastronomy is at its heart, with NKO by Enexo Atxa (chef awarded with a Michelin star). NKO is a unique fusion of Basque and Japanese cuisine.

How We Did It

Radisson Hotels hired THE INNOVA ROOM to manage the project from Concept Design until the opening, representing the brand before third parties and ensuring compliance with its world-class standards. THE INNOVA ROOM has senior professionals, specialized in project management in Hospitality, and with a strong international orientation. The following functions were performed in this assignment:

  • Senior Advisory and Client Representation.
  • Architecture and Design supervision.
  • Supervision of compliance with corporate standards.
  • Project Management.

A) Senior Advisory and Client Representation

Within these responsibilities, the Property design team was advised on operational, functional and hotel design parameters, thanks to THE INNOVA ROOM’s experience in this field.

Likewise, we acted on behalf of Radisson brand before third parties, defending its interests and joining visions among all stakeholders to achieve a successful product.

B) Architecture and Design supervision

In each phase of the project, the development of architecture and design was supervised, along the following general phases:

  • Schematic Design
  • Concept Design
  • Mock-up room
  • Final Design
  • Construction
  • Pre-Opening and Handover

Both in the review of projects and in site visits, a non-stop work of control and support in the execution was carried out. The global hotel project included the coordination of various projects related to the following areas:

  • Architecture: distribution of spaces, program of uses, materials, construction solutions, facades, etc.
  • Interior Design and FF&E: equipment, furniture and decoration.
  • Mock-Up Room (MUR ): supervision of the design and execution, as well as variations on it and alternatives following the tender process.
  • Engineering: coordination of the technical engineering team.
  • Operations: coordination with the Operations Department to define everything related to the future business and its operation (in-house and outsourced services, service areas, program of uses and spaces, etc.).
  • Food and Beverages (F&B): restaurants, bars, kitchens and auxiliary service areas. NKO is the hotel restaurant, a the Basque-Japanese fusion gastronomic experience at the highest level. In addition, the cocktail bar on the rooftop terrace allows a mixological experience with the best views.
  • Marketing: exterior and interior signage, brand presence and support to promotion.

C) Supervision of compliance with corporate standards

Radisson Hotels has the highest design standards to offer an exceptional experience to its clients. Throughout the process, an exhaustive review and control work has been carried out to comply with these corporate standards, and even to implement innovations which were under development.

D) Project Management

The following functions were part of the Project Management role for the development of this hotel until the opening:

  • Control and coordination of general planning and key milestones.
  • Supervision of the process of obtaining the licenses (by the Owner).
  • Quality control in execution and implementation.
  • Coordination of the team of Radisson experts in the various functional areas (Engineering and Design, Operations, Food and Beverage, Marketing, etc.), and integration with the team of experts on the Property side.
  • Preparation of Project Monitoring and progress reports (Follow Up Reports). Regular follow-up meetings with all parties.
  • Preparation of the Mock-Up Room Report, and other specific reports for each type of room (Room Reports).
  • Change management and negotiation of alternative solutions.
  • General documentation of the process: project supervision and version management.
  • Definition and design of the optimal Room Mix for this product, in coordination with Revenue and Operations Directors.
  • Final review (Snagging Report) and management of the Handover documentation.


Tras un complejo proceso constructivo para la completa rehabilitación y cambio de uso del edificio, el hotel abrirá sus puertas en el primer trimestre de 2022.

Equipos de proyecto:
Arquitectura, Dirección de Obra y Diseño Interior: dAAr Arquitectura

Fuente de las imágenes: Radisson Hotels

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