Repositioning of Heritage buildings

Business model for repositioning an old Ranch complex protected by Heritage

The Challenge

Repositioning of Heritage Buildings
2018, San Esteban, Province of Cordoba (Argentina)

The Agency of Administration of State Property (AABE) owns Casa San Sebastián, an old Ranch complex with a 20 hectares of land protected by Heritage, located at the touristic area of Valle de Punilla. In the past this place was also called Casco de Estancia Olmos, and these types of farmhouses hold a very relevant economic and social role in the country.

Casa San Sebastián was under the administration of the municipality of Los Cocos, who uses the complex for educational and recreational activities. Casa San Sebastián required an urgent intervention for its repositioning.

The AABE hired THE INNOVA ROOM for making a study about its hospitality business potential.

How We Did It

Project premises

  • Preserve the heritage value of the House San Sebastián.
  • Maintain areas of public use and access within the development.
  • Maintain a pedagogical unit within the uses of the new development.
  • Develop a business model with attractiveness to attract private investors and join the project.

THE INNOVA ROOM developed a hospitality business potential analysis and analyzed several glamping examples to increase hosting capacity without affecting the existing heritage. All this work was made keeping the investment within the permissible limits for the economic feasibility of the project.

Conclusions and key points

A) Hospitality Business
We defined a business model with low and modular hosting capacity. At the main house there will be located the rooms (8) and the food and beverage outlets. The aditional accommodation will be developed in modular units to be incorporated according to the actual demand and season.

B) Public and educational areas access
To meet the requirement of reserving public and educational spaces, we proposed to keep an area for exclusive use for educational purposes within outdoor spaces, as well as meeting facilities, kitchen and public bathrooms.


We organized an attractive urban project, economically sustainable and integrated into the local community from the social point of view. The project development for the repositioning of these Heritage protected buildings will be led by AABE.

Source of images: The Innova Room and AABE




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