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Concept Interior Design and Branding for a shoes stores brand

El reto

BOTTICELLI is a family business of design, manufacture and sale of shoes, with more than 25 years of presence in the Spanish market. Headquartered in Alicante, it has 20 multi-brand points of sale throughout the country between own stores and franchises, with a strong presence in Madrid and Levante.

In 2016, they commissioned THE INNOVA ROOM to create a conceptual image proposal for their stores, which would maintain the functional aspects of the operation, but would integrate them into a more modern interior design linked to the brand’s values.

La solución

A) Concept Design

The concept design is based on these ideas: Levante (Mediterranean) and Taller (Workshop), which evoke the origins and soul of the shoe brand. With this concept an interior design was proposed in which natural textures and warm colors, from white to toasted, and visual lightness in the furniture. The materials used are: wood, leather, ceramic and esparto grass. The ceramic flooring with the appearance of a floorboard takes on a great prominence and provides extra warmth, while its gradation of pieces offers a dynamic and three-dimensional effect.

On the other hand, the functional furniture (shelves, product tables, showcase, supports for accessories…) is built with a white metal structure, wood shelves with exposed grain finish, and textured coatings. It is complemented with decorative furniture that adds a touch of color, and a large counter-box inspired by workshop tables.

The project proposes an expansion of the product areas by using of the vertical plane (even on the central tables), so that the layout can be less dense than the current one and can be grouped by styles or chromatic ranges. All this without increasing the total store surface, and creating a series of modulated elements with which any spatial typology can be articulated.

The lighting is especially careful, distinguishing between functional product lighting and some decorative lighting elements, which bring dynamism to the space.

Finally, the history of the brand is evoked through various decorative items (atrezzo), which bring a note of humor, warmth, and Mediterranean joy.

B) Branding

Together with the interior design, a proposal was made for the integration of the branding elements in the store: signs, posters, icons, etc., as well as a reflection on the packaging elements. Neither a total rebranding nor an update of the logo was requested, but the existing ones were used.

These elements are integrated into the space since the beginning at the points of greatest connection with the client, and some of them have a dual role: decorative and promotional. In a second phase, the integration of dynamic screens in all stores simultaneously can be considered.

Likewise, within the physical space, the presence of elements related to social networks is proposed, in order to enhance the brand’s online and offline bidirectional communication.

Source of images: own elaboration, and collaborating interior design team (Requena y Plaza)




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