Sport & Fitness Centres | Process Optimization

Strategy Consultancy for the international expansion of GO fit Sport & Fitness Centres

The Challenge

Process optimization for a chain of sports centers with 20 units in Spain and Portugal
More than 130,000 m2 of facilities, with an average of 8,000 m2 per center

Ingesport is a leading chain in the promotion and development of sports centers. Its main brand (GO fit), is the first in number of members in Spain and is undergoing a process of strong expansion (focusing on the international market).

In this context, we advised the client and support their Technical and Expansion teams over two years. We helped them to improve their processes, and we created management tools for increase the productivity.

How We Did It

A) Creation of Management Tools

In the first place, a diagnosis was made of the information related to the technical and development area, its processes, relationships with other areas and with external parties (suppliers, collaborators, etc.). With these conclusions, various tools and databases were developed to streamline their management and improve the consistency of the information.

  • Determination of business objectives and metrics
  • Definition and hierarchy of spaces and types of centers
  • Creation of a database of global “Portfolio” centers, with their standardized parameters, development status, grouping and filtering of data from the entire portfolio, etc.
  • “Integral” database design, which automatically calculates the optimal areas for each case
  • Standardized documents for project and works management; meeting minutes, review and follow-up reports
  • Automatic, weekly and monthly reporting models to improve internal communication and information to the Board of Directors

B) Design and Construction Processes

Diagnosis and evaluation of the processes and the flow of information, and establishment of adjustments for the incorporation of the created tools. Improvement of the processes of:

  • Carrying out projects and works: phases, milestones, critical path, schedule monitoring.
  • Bidding and contracting: database of suppliers, offers, comparisons, contracts and billing.
  • Pre and post-opening phases.

C) Monitoring and evaluation

For several months after the completion of the design of tools, the team was accompanied to evaluate the correct adoption of the same, and the result. During this period, small adjustments were made to incorporate your feedback and suggestions for improvements.

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