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Project Management, representación de cliente, coordinación y liderazgo del equipo de diseño y desarrollo

The Challenge

2018, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

The client is a real-estate investment group that acquired a plot in the technology district of Buenos Aires. The objective was to develop a rental building with offices, parking and a local store on the first floor.

The surrounding zones of Parque Patricios are undergoing an intense transformation process. The new government headquarters, designed by Foster + Partners (featured on the cover page), is an icon of the new development. The technology district has tax and building incentives to attract technology companies, which makes development and investment opportunities in this zone very interesting. Additionally, the city of Buenos Aires is in the process of approving a new urban planning code.

How We Did It

The client commissioned The Innova Room as a representative, to act as an advisor, and to lead the team of designers and technical advisors in the process until the objectives were met.


  • Develop a category AAA office building
  • Obtain a silver-level (minimum) or gold-level (ideal) LEED certification
  • Obtain permission to demolish the existing buildings in the year 2018
  • Present the completed project for approval and a construction permit according to the current code, with the possibility of adapting in the future to the new code
  • Review the architecture/engineering projects and tender procedures under two possible scenarios: the turnkey system or with multiple packages

Our Process

The Innova Room analyzed different possibilities in order to find the one with the maximum amount of buildable surface area, both under current code and with the code still awaiting approval.

Some of the best design offices were asked to propose a scope of ideas and their fees, and through this showcase, The Innova Room helped the client to select their teams. Once incorporated into the project, The Innova Room oversaw the global coordination in representing the property. The levels of desired quality were defined for the entire project, and the time needed for the development of each of the specializationswith the goal of presenting the project before the end of the year.

Additionally, The Innova Room initiated the process of contacting potential leading construction contractors. As a result, they also conducted a preliminary economic evaluation of the project. This served as a reference for the total cost and safeguarded the profit expectations of the investment group.


  • Obtain permission to demolish the existing buildings
  • Present the completed architectural designs, structure, and fire-protectant features to obtain a construction permit
  • Generate an estimate of the construction budget, compatible with the profitability objectives of the investment group
  • Incorporate adequate design and engineering solutions conducive to the future obtainment of the gold-level LEED certification

Project Teams:
Architecture: Estudio BJC
Construction Management: Estudio Sambresqui
Engineering and LEED Certification: Estudio Grinberg & Asociados
Management of Licensing and Work Permits: Estudio Arroyuelo

Image Sources: Estudio BJC, La Nación (Silvana Colombo) y Clarín (Image on the cover page with the Foster + Partners as the government headquarters in Parque Patricios)




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