Varadero Restaurants | Design Management

Desing Management for a seafood restaurants chain franchised and operated by Heineken

The Challenge

Design Management for restaurants Varadero Taberna Marinera (master franchise)
2013-2015, four pilot locations

In 2013, the BEER & FOOD restaurant group (part of HEINEKEN Spain) reached an agreement to develop and operate the VARADERO Taberna Marinera brand under a franchise business model.

During this period, THE INNOVA ROOM managed the design and integration with other corporate areas, study of the spaces, analysis of expansion opportunities and management of the openings of the restaurant prototypes as market tests.

Likewise, we managed the changes required by the brand to adapt the test restaurants to the evolution of the concept and the market.

How We Did It

A) Concept Design

We led the interior design competition and the development of the proposals in the different phases of the brand’s development, up to the executive project. To do this, we collaborated with various designers and agencies, such as CA08 and Woz’ere.

During the development of the different pilot restaurants, the concept had some operational, product and image transformations.

B) Franchise Design Book

Based on the pilot restaurant project, we prepared the Design Book, which includes all the technical-aesthetic characteristics that a place must meet, as well as the definition of furniture, equipment and decoration of the brand.

In addition to reflecting all the aesthetic conditions and possible types of spaces, we carry out an exhaustive equipment standardization process, in order to achieve economies of scale in the expansion.

C) Expansion and analysis of opportunities

During the entire period of creation and initial expansion, we made all the feasibility analysis of properties for the implementation of the brand. To do this, we implemented our innovative agile methodology developed by THE INNOVA ROOM, with which the client can obtain a very accurate investment evaluation in less than 24 hours.

D) Project Management

After signing the franchise agreements for a property, we managed the implementation projects until the opening of the business. In the post-opening phase, we managed all the modifications required to adapt the concept to the changing needs of the business. Among them, the rebranding and repositioning of the concept responding to a new market situation.

Source of the images: own elaboration and corporate website of Beer & Food




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