We create innovative business models for service companies where real estate assets are a key success factor. We integrate design and business.

Strategic Advisory

Strategy is the heart of our services. We advise our clients from early stages, or in moments of transformation, to achieve a competitive position in the market. We help our clients to choose the best scenario among posible outcomes.
  • 360º Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Strategic Plan for companies and destinations
  • Development Plan
  • Repositioning Plan
  • Development of new business areas
  • Audit and process optimization
  • Expert advice: Board member/ Business partner

Market Study

We analyze the offering and the demand in the location, define the competitors’ set and study their product (both quantitative and qualitative). We segment the market, define the best positioning, and study the target customer. Also, we identify trends and consumer shifts.
  • Destination analysis: access (connectivity), attractors, current offering and demand
  • Business environment: average occupancy, average prices (ADR), RevPAR
  • Competitors analysis (qualitative and quantitative), competitor set
  • Trends analysis
  • Customer profile and Buyer Persona
  • Current and target positioning maps

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study and Business Plan allow to achieve the maximum potential of the location. We define the maximum admissible investment, the cash flow, the organizational model, the expected return and the implementation plan.
  • Definition of the target product/service
  • Business Model
  • Evaluation matrix of potential scenarios
  • Definition of actors and roles
  • Analysis and optimization of investments
  • Identification of areas of new revenue
  • Feasibility study of singular properties or portfolios
  • Optimal space allocation for the intended business (“Greater and better use”)
  • Maximum allowable investment (for new business or repositioning)

Conceptualization & Innovation

We create or reposition product and service concepts. We use innovation methodologies to solve needs, generate ideas and build business prototypes. We manage business-friendly design projects.
  • Creation of new products and services
  • Design Guide (Brand Book): know-how of a company in a manual for expansion of chains and franchises
  • Identification of market trends
  • Identification of user insights
  • Positioning map and benchmarking of products and services
  • Customer experience
  • Customer Journey
  • Service Blueprint
  • Conceptual design
    • Products, spaces, and interior design
  • Repositioning of buildings
    • Update of the architectural image / decoration
    • Adaptation to positioning and brand image
    • Adaptation to functionality and operation
    • Integration with the global portfolio
    • Optimization of spaces, distributions, circulation and equipment

Project Management

Project Management for new construction or refurbishment projects. We represent the client, lead the technical teams, supervise the development of the project and carry out the global economic control until the opening.
  • Design and Technical Direction of Real Estate area (Interim Management)
  • Selection and leadership of technical teams
  • Coordination with other internal and external areas
  • Project Management
  • Project Monitoring

Real Estate Portfolio Management

For clients who own or operate a portfolio of real estate assets, we analyze their performance and improvement potential, optimize the use of spaces, standardize the product and achieve a greater business value.
  • Analysis and structuring of the real estate portfolio
  • Advice for the selection of operators
  • Advice for the selection of real estate assets
  • Design and implementation of integrated management tools
  • Optimization of construction, equipment, furniture and decoration
  • Portfolio digitization
    • Geolocation of assets
    • KPIs by asset and portfolio
    • Dashboard

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