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Conceptualization & Innovation

Creativity focused on boosting your business

Our Conceptualization and Innovation Area shapes ideas in complete alignment with the business strategy and the objectives. This approach it differentiates us from from other design teams, and generates a greater impact of the solutions created. We like to define this as Strategic Design.
Depending on the scope of the project, we work with our internal team, with the client teams or in alliance with specialized professionals, always seeking excellence. Flexibility, collaboration and innovative spirit are our driving force.
We work on the conceptualization of the space where a business is implemented. At the origin of each idea there is the analysis of trends, users and market positioning. And in the goal, the company’s strategy and its business model. We take part in projects that involve implementation, updating or changes of use in buildings.
As a company grows, its portfolio becomes more complex. Then it’s time to structure your product with tools such as the Design Book, in order to ensure that this growth process preserves the company’s DNA. According to the positioning, this may imply a higher degree of standardization or customization. Discovering the balance between the economies of scale and the singularity is our mission.
In the corporate sphere we can also support companies in their innovation journey. If that is your case as an Innovation Manager, we can help you structure a portfolio of projects, design strategic reflection processes to generate new lines of business, implement innovation methodologies or open up your organization to external collaboration with other staleholders in the ecosystem.

Scope of Services

  • Design Guide (Brand Book) for expansion of chains and franchises
  • Identification of market trends
  • Identification of user insights
  • Definition of target positioning
  • Customer experience (Customer Journey)
  • Service design (Service Blueprint)
  • Conceptual design (architecture and interior design)
  • Corporate Innovation Management
  • Repositioning of buildings
    • Update of architecture and interior design: look & feel
    • Adaptation to new positioning and brand image
    • Adaptation to new functionality and operation
    • Optimization of space, distribution, circulation and equipment
    • Optimization of the investment for the implementation and maintenance

What is your challenge?

Would you like to conceptualize, innovate or design your business?
We help you to apply creativity for creating a concept which is competitive and consistent with your strategy.

Success Stories

Kimpton Barcelona | Concept for F&B areas

Estudio de Mercado y Conceptualización de las áreas de restauración para nuevo hotel boutique Kimpton Barcelona, de IHG. Tras un reposicionamiento total, el hotel abrirá con la nueva marca en 2019.

Colegiales Hospital | Concept Design

Project Management, asesoramiento integral y representación del cliente para hotel de lujo Radisson Collection en Bilbao. Desde el diseño de proyecto hasta la apertura, se ha acompañado al futuro operador a lo largo de todo el proceso de diseño, construcción y puesta en marcha. Todo ello actuando de enlace entre Radisson Hotels y el propietario-desarrollador del edificio.

Gastro-Innovation Space by Heineken

Gastro-Innovation Kitchen LAB created for Heineken, for fostering culinay innovation and training the franchisees. Flexible and multipurpose space.

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