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Feasibility Study

The roadmap to a profitable business

All business development requires a plan to evaluate alternative scenarios and choose the most profitable path. You may name it either a feasibility plan, a feasibility study or a business model, but the goal is similar: limit investment and reduce risks. This plan will be more solid if it is supported by a proper market study to know the competitive context where the new business plans to enter
Are you a developer/owning company or an entrepreneur? We help you evaluate your potential business. We structure operational and property alternatives, and evaluate the potential profitability of the business with sensitivity scenarios according to KPI variables. With the result of this study you will be able to go to financing sources, call for the entry of new investment partners, carry out operator selection processes or set up internal teams.
We typically set a two-stage plan to refine assumptions early: 1) simplified preliminary plan with industry ratios, and 2) detailed business model.
If you wish, we can also accompany you in the subsequent development of the conceptualization of the product or the project management, until the opening of the business.

Scope of Services

  • Definition of the target product/service
  • Feasibility Study for single properties or portfolios
  • Creation of the appropriate Business Model
  • Definition of stakeholders and roles, and possible alternative
  • Identification of areas with potential new revenue generation
  • Optimal space allocation for the intended business (“Greater and better use”)
  • Analysis and optimization of investments necessary for the development of new businesses or repositioning of existing ones
  • Establishment of the maximum admissible investment, minimum and optimal point
  • Evaluation matrix of potential scenarios

What is your challenge?

Would you like to evaluate the viability of a business?
We help you analyze its feasibility, potential profitability and necessary investment.

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