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Market Study

Know your competitive environment and overcome its entrance barriers

If you’d like to enter a new market, we help you identify its keys.
We study the evolution of supply and demand, select competitors and analyze your product. We identify the target customer, segment the market and define the ideal positioning. We work with quantitative and qualitative data in a very visual way, and we guide you about the trends that mark the direction.
Whether you are thinking of creating a new business or transforming an existing one, we help you direct your efforts towards the positioning that shows the greatest potential.
Once the Market Study is completed, we usually go further in the business development by making the Feasibility Plan and the Business Model, the Conceptualization of the product or even the Project mManagement until the opening. You choose the scope in a flexible way, based on your objectives and your internal resources and team.

Scope of Services

  • Destination analysis: access (connectivity), attractors, current offering and demand
  • Business environment: average occupancy, average prices (ADR), RevPAR
  • Competitors analysis (qualitative and quantitative), competitor set
  • Trends analysis
  • Customer profile and Buyer Persona
  • Current and target positioning maps

What is your challenge?

Would you like to know your market?
We help you analyze all the relevant data of your market for taking business decisions.

Success Stories

The Barcelona EDITION | Market Study

Barcelona Market Study and analysis of the F&B outlets in a luxury hotel (The Barcelona EDITION) for enhancing the potencial of the business.

Market Research Restaurants

Restaurants market research: quantitative and qualitative analysis report for the creation of a new brand of franchised restaurants.

Feasibility study for Tourist Destination

The Challenge 2017, Zarate, Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina) The client is developing the Master Plan for the urban and economic development of the Municipality of Zarate. In order to present the tourism business potential to potential national and international investors, THE INNOVA ROOM has been asked to prepare a Tourism Potential Study. Objective: to [...]

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