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Real Estate Portfolio Management

The greatest value of your asset network

Service companies with a portfolio of real estate assets require an optimized and brand-consistent product. When facing an expansion process, it is usual to find heterogeneity in the properties, which difficults the business management. On the other hand, more and more patrimonial funds and family offices are aware of the need to optimize their asset portfolio in an increasingly competitive environment.
We love supporting our clients in projects that involve a global vision of their assets. We help owners and managers to structure the knowledge about their real estate portfolio for a better business decision-making.
The scale of the assets can be diverse (from high street stores to sets of buildings), as well as their location, sector of activity. We have worked on this kind of projects for hotel chains, restaurants and commercial brands, sports centers and health centers.
We perceive the business value and latent opportunities in each sqm. We are motivated to find the right performance indicators and to design highly visual, real-time, management systems for that purpose.
If your business is growing up and going multiscale, it’s time to speak up.

Scope of Services

  • Analysis, segmentation and structuring of real estate portfolios
  • Advice on operator selection
  • Advice on selection of real estate assets
  • Design and implementation of integrated management tools
  • Design and management of asset renewal plans (CAPEX)
  • Optimization of construction, equipment, furniture and decoration
  • Portfolio Digitization
    • Geolocation of assets
    • KPIs by asset and portfolio
    • Power BI Dashboard

What is your challenge?

Do you own or operate a network of real estate assets?
We help you to obtain the maximum value from your spaces in line with your strategy.

Success Stories

TESTA | Real estate asset management

Real estate asset management for a portfolio of residential buildings for rent. Study of revaluation and improvement of assets. We help property companies, family offices, investment funds or any business that owns a network of real estate assets. We transform the information of your buildings into business data to make decisions that increase the value of the portfolio.

Beer & Food | Heineken franchised restaurants

The challenge +400 Heineken franchises restaurants in Spain 10 brands of restaurants and themed breweries Between 2011 and 2015, THE INNOVA ROOM created and leaded the Technical Department at BEER & FOOD franchise restaurants group (belonging to HEINEKEN Spain), which operated more than 400 stores throughout the country. In 2021, Beer & Food became Avanza [...]

Gambrinus Plan Renove | Repositioning Plan

Gambrinus Renove Plan meant the full renovation of these Heineken’s branded pubs network, while repositioning the product and the infraestructure.

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