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Strategic Advisory

Rely on experts to achieve your goal

Go beyond your current performance. Face a transformation of your strategy to boost the value and performance of your properties in the next stage of the business life cycle. This may mean bringing in new shareholders, making a generational shift or repositioning a product in the market, among other cases.
If you are designing your future business, we can advise you at an early stage to help you reduce risks in decision-making. We know that the large investment required for this challenges requires a plan that tights the options and directs them to where the possibilities offer the greatest potential. We help you identify them. And you choose your way.

In The Innova Room, we recognize that any significant transformation requires a considerable investment. That’s why we encourage the implementation of a detailed feasibility plan, which not only narrows down the available options but also steers them towards where they can offer the greatest potential for growth.

In any of these situations, and whether your profile is owner or manager, strategy is at our core services. We are at your side at each stage and make your challenges ours, for you to achieve your goals.

Scope of Services

  • 360º Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Strategic Plan for companies and destinations
  • Development Plan
  • Repositioning Plan
  • Development of new business areas
  • Audit and process optimization
  • Expert advice: Board member/ Business partner

What is your challenge?

Are you an entrepreneur or a manager?
We help you design and implement your strategy.

Success Stories

Palacio Paz Hotel | Business Model

Business Model and general advisory for Palacio Paz Hotel boutique in Ciudad de Buenos Aires. From the market study until the hotel opening, we have advise the developer across the whole process of feasibility sutdies, design, construction and handover.

TESTA | Real estate asset management

Real estate asset management for a portfolio of residential buildings for rent. Study of revaluation and improvement of assets. We help property companies, family offices, investment funds or any business that owns a network of real estate assets. We transform the information of your buildings into business data to make decisions that increase the value of the portfolio.

Public Areas Strategy for a new Hostel

The Challenge Strategy for the public areas of a hostel chic 2016-2017, Madrid (Spain) The client was developing an innovative hotel business in Madrid, and the design contained a large proportion of public spaces beyond mere accommodation. In addition, the layout allowed direct access from the street for external clients. The space had great potential [...]

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Coworking in restaurants: is it posible?

Is it possible to turn restaurants into coworking spaces? Work and restaurant environments can coexist within the same space, taking advantage of the inefficiencies of meal peaks to generate new complementary businesses.

Strategic & Opportunistic Development Plans for Hotels

An analisys of the Strategic & Opportunistic Development Plans for Hotels. This is a keynote made for TOPHOLA2015 (Top Hotel Construction & Development Latin America).




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