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Innovation is creativity applied to business. Creativity generates new ideas for solving a challenge or a problem, where it is necessary to create new conexions for achieving new resuls. But innovation must also be able to implement successfully these solutions and to generate a generar un differential value from the previous one.



Our core business ir the strategy consultancy. We study the competitive environment, the client and the business model in order to device the best action plan for each case. We implement it and measure the results. Under this frame we activate our other areas of expertise such as marketing or real estate services.


We create and help to reposition products and services, from market research until conceptual design. We integrate trends and user insights into business solutions.


We analize the business potential of a building, a portfolio or a retail network. We optimize their functionality, while adequating their image by creating an appealing product.


We optimize the production processes in order to adapt to market changes. We identify internal and external synergies, while enhancing the efficiency of business management.


We impulse the company’s digital transformation, from its corporate culture and internal processes, to its online and social communication.

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Our projects have always a boutique approach, personalized to our client’s needs. Click here to have a deeper view about our services.

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+100 hotels opened

+15.000 rooms

+350 projects analyzed

Our global vision of the hospitality business allows us to adapt the investment to the operation and the market position for the product.

We take part on the business development from the feasibility and market studies until the hotel opening. Also, we have experience in early stages of a new hotel brand creation, in expansion processes and in repositioning products and brands.

We have worked for the most diverse segments: luxury or boutique, mid range, economy, hostels, innovative mix-formules or apartments.

+100 restaurants and bars opened

+10 new concepts created

+110 restaurants rebranded


We have collaborated with multinational restaurant companies in the development of their products and their expansion in Spain.

We have managed portfolios of +400 open restaurants, while contributing to the transformation of their business model towards franchising.

Our team has a deep knowledge in developing business models, conceptual innovation, brand development, investment management, feasibility studies and executive planning.

+17 sport centers in Spain and Portugal


We have contributed to the business development of one of the biggest Sport, Leisure & Wellness companies in Spain, developing an integral project management system with data evaluation and automatic reporting to the Board.

We have improved the efficiency of the organization in their expansion plan, which was necessary for the international expansion plan as well as the transformation of the company.

+10 innovation projects for retail

Retail banking, fashion stores, beauty shops and mass market

We detect market trends, as well as analyze the customers and processes. We create and integrate innovative solutions for a better experience. We match operational efficiency with a fresh, innovative image.

We create new concepts, help expand existing ones or integrate new brands into an existing portfolio. We have designed products for retail banking, fashion shops, cosmetics and mass market stores.

+10 professional services firms in
LATAM and Spain

We help architects and other proffessionals who need expertise in Hospitality, Restaurants or other sectors.

Our deep knowledge of these industries facilitates the decision making process during Concept Design phases while avoiding errors in the projects’ development stages.

We provide expert information regarding the KPIs, the optimal dimensioning of the spaces, the operational scheme, latest trends in products and services, etc.



Managers and Operators of real estate assets or portfolios of:
– Hotels, Apartments & any Hospitality business
– Restaurants & Bars
– Sport and Leisure centers
– Retail (banking, fashion, beauty stores…)

Real Estate Investors

Owners and Investors with asset portfolios or developments of:
– Hotels / Apartments
– Master Plans
– Retail
– Mixed Uses (combining touristic, apartments, leisure, retail and/ or offices)

Professional Services Firms

We help architects and other professionals who need expertise in Hospitality & Restaurants.
Our deep knowledge of these industries smoothes the decision-making process during the Design phase and helps to avoid problems for the future operation.


Key moments at the business cycle when we can add more value


VISIONARY approach

During the early stage of creation for a business model or product we focus all our strategic and creative skills on the target.

These projects are risky but full of opportunities. Our clients often have to decide among possible different paths, which will determine their future market. And we will be together with our clientes to see the project growing and reach the success.


PLANNER approach

When a consolidated business requieres a change of scale, our analytical skills lead the project in order to ensure a perfect planning and execution.

Process and resources optimization are key factors for the return of the investment. We find the escalable business model more suitable to the client in that precise environment. For that, we apply Lean methologies among other innovative tools.


RENOVATOR approach

Sometimes the competitive environment moves the clients away from their market position, and this forces them to reposition the product. We drive enterprises in mature phases towards new market niches.

In those cases we use a great amount of creative skills in a similar way to the creation phases. We use the client’s resources as a leverage in order to generate a positive cultural change.

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