We help growing (or transforming) companies to innovate like a start up, and to operate with the efficiency of a big corporation.

Strategy & Business

We study the market, the client business model and the competitive environment in order to device the best strategy for each case. We implement the action plan and measure the results.
  • Diagnosis and Analysis of the company
  • Strategic Plan and Objectives
  • Business Plan
  • Development of new Business Areas
  • Analysis and Optimization of investments
  • Establishment of ratios, metrics and KPIs
  • Design of balanced scorecard and reporting tools
  • Detection of patterns and trends
  • Data visualizing tools

Marketing, Design and Innovation

We create innovative products and services and help to reposition the existing ones. We work in all stages: from the market research up to the conceptual design of a brand. We integrate market trends and user insights into business solutions.
  • Market Study
  • Marketing Plan
  • Positioning and benchmarking of products and services
  • Identification of market trends
  • Identification of user insights & user experience
  • Analysis and structuring of brands portfolios
  • Concept Design
    • Brand, identity and corporate image
    • Products, spaces and interior design
  • Innovation Management
    • Innovation Strategic Plan
    • Analysis and creation of knowledge sharing corporate tools
    • Change facilitation though innovative and highly creative methodologies, such as Design Thinking
    • Projects pipeline management
    • Creation of a corporate accelerator to boost innovation capabilities at the company
    • Training of internal teams for promoting innovation and creativity skills across the organization, and thus fostering the generation of new business solutions
  • Strategic Repositioning Plan
  • Conceptual Rebranding
  • Design Book for development and franchising
  • Commercial Plan: analysis of client portfolio, revenue, pricing strategy, channels…

Real Estate Management

We analize the business potential of a building, a portfolio o a retail network. We optimize their functionality, while adequating their image and equipment for increasing their market value.
  • Feasibility Studies for singular properties or portfolios
  • Optimization of real estate portfolios
  • Search and selection of investors and operators
  • Expansion Plan & Development
  • Restructuration of buildings
    • Architecture and Interior Design
    • Adaptation to brand requirements and positioning
    • Adaptation to functionality and operation
    • Consistency and integration into the global brand portfolio
    • Optimization of spaces, layout, access, circulations and equipment
    • Optimization of the investment for new openings and Capex
  • Architectonical/Technical Direction
    • Coordination and leadership of technical teams (architects/ engineers/ designers/ project managers) from the client or the third parties
    • Coordination with other business areas of the company
    • Project Management along the design and construction phase
    • Project Monitoring

Business Optimization

We optimize the production processes in order to react more flexibly to the market. We seach internal and external synergies, and enhance the efficiency in business management.
  • Operations and Processes Plan
  • Process improvement with Lean methodology
  • Design and implementation of integrated management tools
  • Search for internal and external synergies
  • Optimization of internal and external resources
  • Optimization of homologated suppliers for construction, equipment, furniture and decoration

Digital Transformation

We impulse the digital transformation of a company and its corporate culture. This improves the efficiency of their operations and reinforces the company market position.
  • Cultural change, leadership and talent management
  • Implementation of collaborative online processes and tools
  • Online Communication Plan
  • Social Media: strategy and implementation of branded content
  • Web Design or rebranding for the corporate site

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